(Or file this under “Who Knew?!”)

I love Communication Arts Magazine.  I love the images, the articles, even the ads for paper.   I grew up with a graphic illustrator as a father and I loved the smell of the paints, the feel and color of the paper samples in his office, even the markers which we were prohibited from touching.  All those creative magazines, rich in visual images and color, they reveal just a snapshot of the amazing amount of talent in the world.

In the March/April edition of Communication Arts Sarah Hyndman authored the fascinating article “Just Your Type”.  https://www.commarts.com/column/just-your-type  Ms. Hyndman explains how we respond to typefaces.  How we can assign more or less credibility to something dependent on the typeface used.  And it is not as overt as, say the silliness of Curlz MT vs. the stoicism of CopperPlate.  It is actually quite subtle, as in the simple difference between using a font with a Serif versus without.   Say Times New Roman vs. Arial.  The size and spacing of the text also impacts our perceptions.

Ms. Hyndman article shows that fonts help create a first impression, “Much like the clothes we wear…”.  And how typographic choices can be an integral part of how our messages are received.

As architectural programmers, planners, and designers – we need to work with a variety of stakeholders and present a plethora of information in a variety of ways.   From project websites, outdoor signage that invites people to a meeting, project educational campaign materials, advertisements, newsletters and even plans and renderings; taking time to recognize the value in the details can ensure that the message is received in the tone and personality that you want it to be.

It’s in the Details or maybe in the font….